Australia gets Geared up for Ignition!

This Sunday 24th September in the beautiful city of Perth, Australia sees the return of Ignition Muaythai. The show which is sanctioned by the WMC features the crème de la crème of Australian talent with 3 main events as well as a solid undercard.
Australia has long been a country strong in Muaythai with a unified recognised National Federation and this event further showcases the quality and dedication shown by their athletes. Many Australian athletes have reached world fame showcasing the Aussie spirit and sportsmanship worldwide.
President of the Australian Muaythai federation Peter Boyd stated that this is a great opportunity to once again showcase the beauty of the sport and again illustrate how Muaythai in Australia is continuing to grow from strength to strength.
Full Fight Card Below
Main Card
 **IGNITION Perpetual Cup Bout**
Ben Valuri (WATBC) v Bryan Harris (Bailey Fight) 67kg 5×3
**Womens Interstate bout**
Bec Rooney (Man Ho) v Shannon Peek (Bailey Fight) 57.5kg 5×2
**Grudge rematch**
Brandon Kingston (WATBC) v Mitch Holder (AMMA) 65kg 5×2
Under Card
Murray Brockman (KKB) v Steve Kinnane (MMAUFC) 65kg 3×2
Kayleigh Wainwright (WATBC) v Maddie Duiker (Lanna) 59kg 3×2
Jo Nguntual (MMA24/7) v Jesse Middleton (MMA Clinic) 59kg 3×2
Jake Allen (Coastal MA) v Tajlon Mead (ECMMA) 65kg 65kg 3×2
Salim Chebbo (MMA24/7) v Laine Fisher (Stayer Fitness) 75kg
Joe McCoy (Sunset MT) v Rhys Angwin (MMA Clinic) 63kg 3×2
Marty Bowles (MMA24/7) v Jordan Donne (OPNG) 74kg 3×2
Helania Rose (Mach1) v Fiona Mead (ECMMA) 49kg 3×2
Kriss Sahetapy (Ekkleboom MT) v Jonny Callaghan 68kg 3×2

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