Chadd Collins Becomes the WMC World Champion

Chadd Collins aka “the Shark” achieved one of his lifelong dreams this weekend to become the WMC world super lightweight champion. The bout was held on Infliction courtesy of promoter and fighter Nick Atkins who put together another stacked card much to the delight of Australian fight fans. Chadd who resides in Queensland took on Fah Likhit from Thailand as part of the main event

The fight started off fast-paced with Chadd coming forward in true Chadd style with Fah Likhit landing some heavy accurate hands in the first round.

Round 2 and Chadd kept coming with the pressure not giving Fah Likhit an inch of space and landing some heavy shots. When the Shark smelt blood in the water he unleashed a barrage of shots overwhelming the Thai fighter who went down and subsequently could not get up to continue.

As Chadd was strapped up with the WMC belt there was no hiding his happiness as a smile reached from ear to ear. Chadd stated that “Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Australia WMC was the governing body that everyone loved and wanted. Now being 28, 74 fights in, and on my 2nd attempt I am over the moon!”

“Winning this belt was a lifelong dream of mine as I Watched all my Australian idols like Soren, Daddy Cool, Tomahawk and Wayne get theirs, it’s been my goal”.

“What I achieved on Saturday night was a lifelong goal. WMC was the big one when I was a young fella growing up in Australian muaythai, now I proudly hold it too”.

The Shark thanked his girlfriend and also trainer Mark Pease for all the support and for pushing him to such great heights both mentally and physically.

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