Domination 26 Results

Domination 26 delivered on all levels over the weekend with another amazing show which was a cultural exchange between Australia and the motherland of the sport, Thailand. The Domination team flew in a team of elite-level Thai fighters to take on their best fighters at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The fights were truly world-class and much appreciated by all in attendance in the packed venue. Payak the Thai Fight superstar was on the card finishing with a win against Nilson Laki which was one of the bigger fights of the evening.

A big congratulations must go to the Domination Crew from the WMC office for putting together another amazing event. We look forward to the next one!

Full results below

Dani Bator wins against Nancy

Cian Loughheed wins against Sibpawit

Dina Sokol wins against Nantachat Wanprng

Jordan Godtfredsen wins against Prabsuek

Moo Doh Soe wins against Nong Mai

Payak wins against Nilson Laki

Leo Nguyen wins against Zayd Zailani

Eli Evitt wins against Matt Deisel

Kiri Bradley wins against Mayree

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