Hilal Brings Honor to Muaythai

IOC President, Dr. Thomas Bach, visited the Olympic Headquarters in Ramallah, Palestine to continue to promote cultural understanding and peace through the Olympic Values.

The outstanding Palestine Athlete, Ahmad Hilal, was invited to meet and be presented with a special token and honor from the IOC President Thomas Bach. Certainly, muaythai is one of the most popular sports in Palestine and President Bach congratulated Ahmad for all his achievements and told him that muaythai is a very popular sport which has received IOC recognition only a year ago.

At the 2016 Asian Beach Games in Da Nang, Vietnam. President Bach got a chance to visit the IFMA competition in which there was delicious food vendors and activities. the distinguished President, Thomas Bach, mentioned that he was highly impressed by the cultural aspects of the sport and the spectator appeal of muaythai.
Congratulations to Ahmad Hilal

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