History Made: Ruach Gordon Wins King’s Cup 2023 and the Queen’s Cup 2023 goes to Gumlaipetch Petchyindee Academy

The King’s and Queen’s Cup 2023 has booked its place in history with 12 outstanding, action-packed contests, some nail-biting finishes, and it came down to the 2 final contests to decide who will be awarded the King and Queen’s Cup 2023.

It was IFMA World Champion and most outstanding male athlete of the IFMA World Championships 2023, Ruach Gordon from Israel, taking on the champion Jaotapee Sor Pannarangsee from Thailand. Ruach once again showed why he was voted most outstanding athlete, putting on an outstanding performance, coming in with his full arsenal of the 8 Limbs of muaythai, from the opening bell showing his prowess. Both athletes went toe to toe but it was Ruach who emerged victorious, earning his place in history for King’s Cup 2023.

In the female division, it came down to the match between Kennedy Maze from USA and Thai Champion Gumlaipetch Petchyindee Academy. It started with both athletes performing a beautiful Wai Kru and then it was the night of Gumlaipetch Petchyindee Academy who, in front of a packed and enthusiastic crowd, and televised live, showed she was determined to raise the trophy of all trophies. Respect goes to Kennedy Maze from the US, who for three rounds, weathered every storm, battling back fiercely but it was Thailand’s Gumlaipetch Petchyindee Academy, who took the decision and the Queen’s Cup 2023.

It was an emotional moment when both fighters were called up to the stage, holding up the trophies, a testament to their lifelong dedication to the art and sport of muaythai. The outcome of this night showcases once again the universality of muaythai, with over 40 embassies attending, spectators from all around the world, the former Thailand and King’s Cup champions present to support, with the backdrop of the Chao Praya River, a night which will go down in history. Congratulations to Ruach Gordon and Gumlaipetch Petchyindee Academy!

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