IFMA Executive Board Invited to Government Muaythai Celebration


The Royal Thai government, Ministry for Tourism and Sports and the Sports Authority of Thailand organised this year’s muaythai day celebrations at the SAT office.


The 6th of February is officially called muaythai Day in Thailand, held in honour of the historic King Sanphet VIII (also known as “Phra Chao Suea” the “Tiger King”), to mark his coronation day in 1702.


The event was presided over by the Deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Tanasak Patimapragorn and the Sports Minister of Thailand, Her Excellency Kobkarn alongside the Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand His Excellency Sakol Wannapong.


IFMA was represented by President Doctor Tapsuwan, and the IFMA Ad Hoc Committee were invited to be guests of honour in the celebrations to pay homage to the best WMC athletes, officials and stakeholders in the art and sport of Muaythai.


His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister thanked the IFMA Executive Board and the WMC for all their work of getting Muaythai recognised by the IOC and again confirmed the full support of the Royal Thai government. His Excellency and the entire kingdom are celebrating with the world muaythai community the recognition of muaythai as a full recognised and valuable member of the Olympic family.


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