IFMA Secretary General Meets the President of the Russian Federation

A special meeting took place at the highest level during the Sports Forum in Russia to discuss sporting cooperation. The IFMA Secretary General who is a highly respected member of the recognised sporting world in his capacity as the Vice President of GAISF and President of AIMS had many meetings with the leaders of sport in Russia, most importantly the first Vice President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Igor Levitin and the Minister of Sports, Pavel Kolobkov.

A special invitation was given to Mr Fox by the President of the Russian Federation Mr Vladimir Putin. Mr Putin is highly regarded in the world of sports especially combat sports in his position as honorary President of the International Judo Federation and the Honorary President of FIAS, the world recognised Sambo Federation in which President Putin holds many degrees.

Mr Fox thanked Mr Putin for his invitation and the important fruitful discussions for the betterment of sport and society.

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