IFMA Technical Webinar

Over 300 Judges and officials from over 100 countries participated in this important online briefing on rules regulations and judging for the upcoming Virtual IFMA World Championships.

The seminar was opened by IFMA Director Charissa Tynan thanking all delegates for participating in this challenging time. She thanked everyone who contributed to ensure that IFMA athletes can continue to shine on the world stage. 

The IFMA Secretary General Stephan Fox thanked all the NFs for all their work on the national level and that this Virtual Championships is a great tool for inclusion, non-discrimination and to promote muaythai and its values to every part of the globe.

The IFMA ITO Team led by Günter Plank from Austria, Abby Nelson from Australia, Jens Wilke from Germany took the participants through a detailed presentation. 

On every aspect to ensure that Fair Play continues to be the center of the IFMA competition. The Wai Kru competition was developed and is overseen by IFMA Cultural Heritage Commission and over 40,000 athletes are expected to participate in this historical event. 

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