IFMA World Championships 2023: Over 100 Countries Confirmed

IFMA, the sole governing body recognized by the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, European Olympic Committee, World Games, World Combat Games, FISU and the list goes on, is hosting the 2023 World Championships in Bangkok.

The event is in conjunction with the 30 years IFMA celebrations and over 100 countries have already confirmed their participation in the 10-day event. The event will be held in one of Bangkok’s most prestigious venues, the 5-star convention center of Central World which will see 3 rings and over 100 bouts per day telecasted around the world. The outside venue will be transformed into a massive festival ground with over 100 booths and a main stage with daily activities.

It will be the first time in history that the two sole recognized national federations in Thailand, AMTAT and PAT, will join forces to co-host the event under the sanctioning of IFMA.

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, the President of AMTAT under Royal Patronage stated, “This is a proud moment for the Kingdom of Thailand. Over 3000 athletes, coaches and VIPs are expected to travel to Thailand from all 5 continents, including the IFMA Refugee Team. The event will be the final qualifier for The World Combat Games 2023 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Chair of the IFMA Athletes’ Commission stated, “The athletes will be the heart and soul of this event. Twenty-three will be another year showcasing muaythai around the world and the many opportunities for the athletes with the European Olympic Games in Poland, the World Combat Games in Saudi Arabia, the Indoor Asian Games in Thailand and to top it off, all the continental events, providing the athletes the pride to compete for fame and glory under their national recognized federations.”

Ajahn Thavorn, the competition manager for this event, outlined, “The 2023 IFMA World Championships is more than just a competition. There will be Wai Kru and Mai Muaythai championships. The outside stage will see the youth of Thailand participating in the Muay Kita and Muay Boran competitions to decide who will participate in the IFMA Youth World Championships in September.”

IFMA Director General, Charissa Tynan, thanked all the national federations for their support and AMTAT and PAT and the Royal Thai Government for bringing the flagship event back to the Kingdom to celebrate 30 years of development promoting muaythai and the Olympic Values. She stated, “While the athletes will be competing, the executives will continue to work in many executive commission meetings, the General Assembly to continue IFMA’s strategic plan towards highest recognition and ensuring muaythai’s rightful and respectable place within the Olympic Family.”

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