Ignition Full Fight Card


Sunday July the 15th in the beautiful city of Perth will be battleground for the latest edition of Ignition Muaythai. The event has a truly knock out line up featuring Australia’s finest and will be held at the John Forrest High School. Doors open at 12 PM so make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment.

Full Fight Card Below
Ben “Warpath Worsfold (WATBC) v Jake Keefe (KKB) 5×3
Brandon Kingston (WATBC) v Conner Haley (Diesel) 5×2
Hohai Koni (AMMA) v Luke Vedova (Leyland MMA) 3×2
Jonny Craster  (Seldys)v John Prentice (EMT) 3×2
Arron Milton (WATBC) v James Illingworth (Westside) 3×2
Kaitlyn George (ECMMA) v Jordan Tredinnick (KKB) 3×2
Cody Basso (Mach1) v Jay Twoney (MMA247) 3×2
Hannah Stow (Champions) v Julie Duque  (Onyx) 3×2
Dylan Henderson (MMA Clinic) v Adrian Skelly (MMA247) 3×2
Fon Pigot (Gavs Gym) v Michelle Davenport (Westside) 3×2
Jean Mason (Champions) v Richard Atkinson (Westside) 3×2
Kane Nardelli (Pitchitchai) v Tim Euinger (FPG) 3×2
Edward Hallworth (AMMA) v Taylor Myer (Predator) 3×2


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