Iman vs Bekah: World Title Bout

Some fantastic news for fight fans this week as a world title bout between Iman Barlow and Bekah Irwin has just been signed off by the WMC international office in Bangkok. The fight will take place on the 12th of June on Triumphant 11 in Miami, Florida.

This bout has faced many obstacles due to the pandemic with travel restrictions playing a major factor. Now Team Barlow will fly out to the US via Mexico where they will spend two weeks preparing in the sun to face Bekah.

Both of these fighters are ranked in the WMC top 10 rankings and have both stated they have no intention of going home empty handed.

Bekah Irwin from the USA was introduced to the sport in her teens and is a 3-time IFMA gold medalist with a wealth of both amateur and professional experience. Fighting out of the Heritage gym in Texas, Bekah fights under the tutelage of USMF President Michael Corley.

Bekah broke the record of been the youngest fighter to ever sign with the Glory promotion where she continues to compete and is yet to be defeated.

Bekah is ranked at number 8 in the Bantam weight division of the WMC rankings.

Iman Barlow known as “Pretty killer’ from the UK has been considered one of the best female fighters for at least 10 years. She started training and competing in muaythai as soon as she could walk, making the annual muaythai pilgrimage to Thailand to train at Jitti Gym with her coach and Father Mark Barlow.

Iman has been in their with the best of the best beating the likes of Yolanda Schmidt, Fatima Pinto and Brooke Farrell to name a few.

In 2008, Iman beat Denephar from Thailand to win the WMC S1 title in Bangkok then in 2017 challenged Swedish superstar Sofia Olofsson for the WMC world title, losing on a point decision but putting on a valiant performance.

Iman is ranked at number 4 in the Bantam weight division of the WMC rankings.

Both Iman and Bekah are now in fight camp for this bout so expect fireworks on the 12th of June!

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