Immortal Champions UKMF Title Results

This weekend, the 5th of June was one to remember in the UK capital as Immortal Champions took place with some of the UK’s best homegrown fighters in attendance at the Clapham Grand.

The UKMF English title bout between Elia Dewu & Haquda Abdul, had everyone on their feet, delivering what everyone came to see.

After a cautious start in round 1, Dewu forced Abdul onto the back-foot in round 2, with the fierce exchanges which took place, it became very clear that both fighters had turned up to take the title belt home. Round 3 saw both contestants try to further establish dominance in the most exciting round of the fight. The variety of punches, kicks, & knees in the clinch, saw Abdul snarling with each technique that she threw.

In round 4 fierce knees in the clinch were being aimed towards the head of Abdul, making her counter strikes became less effective, and by the end of the round, the referee was forced to give her an 8 count. The final round was conclusive in Dewu’s favour seeing her secure the championship title.

The WMC would like to congratulate Elia Dewu on her win and also the entire team at Immortal Champions for putting together a world-class event.

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