Jimmy Becomes World Champion for the Third Time

The fight of the champions of champions kept its promise on Saturday to showcase Muaythai at the world level. Jimmy Vienot a multiple-time IFMA gold medalist and WMC champion took on Yodwicha, an IFMA world champion, and multiple-time Thailand stadium champion.

Five rounds of world-class muaythai took place showcasing all weapons. Yodwicha came into the fight on a long unbeaten record knowing that Jimmy is a two-time WMC world champion and this would be no easy fight.

Jimmy Vienot showed why he is one of the current most outstanding all-round athletes and had done his homework on Yodwicha who holds two wins over the French man. Jimmy Vienot has been gradually catching up with Yodwicha and improving bout by bout over the last two years.

Yodwicha thought that he had done enough in the final round but Jimmy Vienot understanding that to win this round he had to up the tempo put more work in resulting in his hand being raised so no doubt they will be matched again in the kingdom of Thailand.

Jimmy Vienot made an emotional speech thanking Yodwicha for taking this fight and looking forward to hopefully meeting him again at the upcoming World Championships in Phuket, Thailand in December and hoped that both fighters will qualify for the upcoming World Games in Birmingham.

This is what makes IFMA and the WMC so special. The athletes always have a chance of a rematch at different events from the World Games to the World Combat Games, the IFMA World Championships to the single WMC fights.

Congratulations to Jimmy Vienot and certainly Yodwicha for an outstanding performance as muaythai continues its victory journey around the globe.

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