Joanna Jędrzejczy, Ambassador of Muaythai at the 2023 European Games

Joanna Jędrzejczyk needs no introduction to the world of martial arts. This Polish icon is a multiple IFMA World Champion, UFC champion and superstar and one of the highest paid female athletes in the world.

In addition to being a part of the Special Olympics Poland campaign for the upcoming 2023 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Berlin in the ’Let’s play together because we are equal’ campaign, Joanna has been nominated to be the IFMA Muaythai Ambassador for the European Games 2023.

Joanna proudly represented Muaythai and IFMA at the European Games Press Conference stating that it is a proud moment for Muaythai to make their official debut in the 2023 European Games and certainly for Poland to be the host. Joanna could not hide her excitement to be back where her martial arts career all started in Muaythai.

She further stated that there is a big hype for Muaythai within the Games with the many activities that will take place and she is proud to be with the athletes representing all of Europe and certainly the Polish national team to show the beauty of Muaythai as a sport and cultural artform.

IFMA is certainly proud to have such a stellar martial arts celebrity representing Muaythai at the 2023 European Games carrying her legacy of championships and accolades won within the IFMA family.

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