King’s Cup 2018

The World Muaythai Council under royal patronage and IFMA the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur recognised by the IOC and the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under royal patronage joined forces to celebrate the 66th birthday of his Majesty the King Rama the 10th.
The event was held in cooperation with the Sports Authority of Thailand at the Sports Authority complex and it was an exciting day with spectacular contests. The King’s Cup is fought in a special event concept, 8 athletes fight in one night and the final two have to fight 3 times until the winner is declared, the trophy was marched in by the royal cadets.
The first 4 fights saw:
Nopagao Rongsamak (Thailand) vs Zidolliah (Uzbekistan) with Thailand going through.
Ahmed Aushev (Russia) vs Sebastian Billard (France) with Russia going through.
Petchsongwon Sor Chanasit (Thailand) vs Stas Aben (Estonia) with Thailand going through.
Alex Paula De Sausa (Brazil vs Yurik Davyton (Armenia) with Brazil going through.
The Semi finals saw Ahmed Aushev vs Nopaglao from Thailand with Nopaglao heading to the final and Petchsongwon Sor Chanasit from Thailand face Alex Paula De Sausa from Brazil with Thailand again going to the final. Both fights were very close and had the crowd cheering from the first round.
The final was an epic battle between two athletes from the motherland of the sport in a world class performance and it was Nopaglao who emerged victorious taking home the prestigious cup. It was an emotional moment when he lifted the trophy and the VIP section was filled with leading personalities including WMC president General Chetta Thanajaro, IFMA President Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox.
The world of muaythai congratulates Nopaglao on becoming the new King’s Cup champion!

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