Knees of Fury 50th Edition

Israel Adesanya will be taking on Kim Loudon in the main event of Knees of Fury 50, at the The Barton Theatre in South Australia on Saturday 14 February. There are not many promotions in the world which enjoyed such consistent success like Knees of Fury in Adelaide, Australia. Saturday night will mark 50th edition of a promotion which has seen some of the best fighters from around the world coming to Adelaide; and at the same time seen the Adelaide talent squaring off with the best fighters from both in and outside of Australia.

The show’s promoter Ethan Shepp needs no introduction. A former successful muaythai athlete who has always looked after the interest of the athletes in his coaching career, and for this has earned the highest respect from the muaythai community. Congratulations on a 50th edition of Knees of Fury to the whole fight promotion.


Knees of Fury 50 Fight Card:

Israel Adesanya vs Kim Loudon

Steve Behan vs Zack Fatamaka

Kosta Masmanidis vs Petchtawan

Jason Altman vs Sebastian Holmes

Josh Braithwaite vs Dimitri Petridis

Carly Gangell vs Te-Huia Tana

Ashley Riding vs Jordan Feilding

Shaun Dawson vs Jordie Bargallie

Cameron Bully vs Mahe Maile

Sarah Kate vs Alex Wellington

Kyle Searle vs James Coleman

Steve Birchall vs Dylan Sariovski

Tina Sougleris vs Jacinda Claridge


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