L.A. in Muaythai Fever


WSO_Poster Main_v2_WMCPush Kick Promotions (PKP) in conjunction with WMC and IFMA, is putting on a great promotion for Muaythai Towards Highest Sporting Recognition, as part of the campaign to get Muaythai recognised by the IOC. It will also be a promotion for the SportAccord World Combat Games this year, and there will be pre-qualifiers for the event.

Thai legend and winner of the Olympic gold medal in boxing, Somluck Kamsing is helping with the promotion by going back into the ring, fighting Muaythai style, against American superstar Chike Lindsay.

Promoter Joe Vivo from PKP states it always has been their aim to take Muaythai to the highest level. Having an Olympic gold medal winner as part of the IOC campaign, getting one of the best in America to take him on, is certainly one of the biggest promotions of the year.

Many movie stars such as Jean Claude Van Damme are expected to sit ringside. Muaythai has had a boost in the USA since the reality show Challenger Muaythai was nominated for an International Emmy award in New York, which made headlines. Many celebrities nowadays enjoy training and supporting Muaythai.

A further update for the event will be made shortly.

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