MTL FINALS in Slovenia

The MTL finals event once again proved the fact that Muaythai is indeed a very popular sport in Slovenia. The Sticna Sports hall in the town of Ivancna Gorica was filled to its last seat with excited spectators. The atmosphere was electric and set for the Muaythai League finals. The event saw 8 fights (5 amateur and 3 professional). Home gym Nak Muay headed by its president Matej Dremelj and head coach Franci Grajs, made sure the organization of the event was done perfectly.


The event started off with a match between Aljaz Segula and the Hungarian Robert Sagi, who won unanimously after four great rounds. Jure Smole and Croatia Anto Siric also went through four grueling rounds with judges giving the nod to Smole. In the 3rd home gym’s Matjaz Peterlin sent fellow Slovenian Toni Grabnar to the lala land with a great knee strike. Leon Rezek TKO’d Sandi Bedrac in another fight that didn’t go the distance. The crowd erupted when home fighter Ales Godec defeated Josip Budimir in fight no. 5.


The professional bouts most certainly met the crowd’s expectations. Miha Lap brought up a great knee in the opening round and KO’d Blaz Vinkovic. With the greatest technical display came Gregor Smole in his victory over Filip Gagula. In the last prestigious bout Sebastijan Majster defeated Jure Cesar.


The award for this years best gym went to two teams: Muay Thai gym Ptuj and Muay (both from Slovenia) and in third place came Spartan gym from Zagreb Croatia.


50% of the proceeds of the league finals went to charity. Half of the ticked income was donated to the children from socially threatened families.


President of Slovenian Muay Thai federation Iztok Vorkapic said this season was very successful and announced that next years league will be even stronger and that preparations for the 3rd season have already started.


  1. Robert Sagi (Hungary)                                                         4 points
  2. Ivan Zidar    (Tigar Cikatic, CRO)                                          1 p


  1. Aljaz Segula( MTG Ptuj SLO)                                             3 p
  2. David Zver (Scorpion gym SLO)                                           2 p
  3. Robert Hopp (Lana gym, CZE)                                                  2 p
  4. Jurica Sintic (Adriatic gym, CRO                1 p


  1. Martin Tepkowski (Raczadam gym ,POL)                          2 p
  2. Krystof Mares (Lana gym ,CZE)                                               2 p
  3. Domagoj Bohinjak (Samurai gym CRO)            2 p
  4. Jan Holec (Lana gym , CZE)                                                       1 p
  5. Sandi Mrak (Scorpion gym, SLO)            1 p
  6. Robert Zubanovic (Spartan gym ,CRO)                                1 p


  1. Jure Smole (No fear SLO)                                                             5,5 p
  2. Anto Siric (Tigar CRO)                                                                    1 p
  3. Grabar Toni ( Mtg Ptuj SLO)                                                        1 p
  4. Mihovil Cuzic (Spartan gym CRO)                                     1 p


  1. Matjaz Peterlin (Nak Muay SLO)                                               5,5 p
  2. Nikola Gilanic  (Spartan CRO)                                                     2 p
  3. Marco Schwirten (Thai bombs GER)                                          1 p
  4. Silvije Kebet (Tigar Cikatic CRO)                                                  1 p
  5. Cveto Zupancic (Nak Muay SLO)                         1 p

-75 kg:

  1. Miha Lap (Khun kao SLO)                                                   4,5 p
  2. Blaž Vinkovic ( MTG Ptuj SLO)                                        3 p
  3. Samo Petje ( MTG Crnomelj SLO)                             2 p
  4. Viktor Zaman (Spartan gym, CRO)                                2 p
  5. Filip Gagula (Tigar Cikatic CRO)                                    2 p
  6. Mirko Vorkapic (Scorpion SLO)                           1 p
  7. Tomasa Kucak (Lana gym, CZE)                                     1 p
  8. Wojciech Krawiec (Raczadam gym, POL)                       1 p


  1. Leon Rezek (MTG Crnomelj SLO)                                              4, 5 p
  2. Goran Novak  ( MTG Ptuj SLO)                                                 1 p



  1. Ales Godec (Nak muay SLO)                                                      5 p
  2. Danijel Simundić (Spartan gym ,Cro)                                        2 p
  3. Ondra Spiler (Lana gym, CZE)                                                        2 p
  4. Tomek Marek (Raczadam gym POL)                                           1 p
  5. Josip Kumburic (Tigar Cikatic CRO)                                            1 p
  6. Aleksander Bedrac ( MTG Ptuj SLO)                                        1 p
  7. Jasmin Bajrovic (Adriatic, Cro)                                         1 p
  8. Domagoj Juzinic (Adriatic, Cro)                                                         1 p

-86kgs :

  1. Elio Artic (MTG Ptuj SLO)                                            4,5 p
  2. Josip Budimir (Catapult CRO)                                      4 p
  3. Danijel Hromek (Horun gym SVK)                               2 p
  4. Alfonz Snuderl (Nak Muay SLO)                                    2 p
  5. Priest West (Thai bombs GER)                                  1 p
  6. Igor Nistor (MTGVojvodina SER)                                  1 p
  7. Boris Vukadin (Spartan gym, CRO)                                   1 p
  8. Benjamin Boltes (Scorpion gym SLO)                                 1 p
  9. Tadej Toplak ( MTG Ptuj SLO)                                1 p
  10. Solt Marlok ( Mtg HUN)                                           1 p


  1. Vasko Pavol (Golden gym Bratislava SVK)                      2 p
  2. Andi Djurdjevic (Vojvodina gym SER)                                1 p
  3. Franci Grajs ( Scorpion gym SLO)                                       1 p

+95 kgs:

  1. Matija Mucnjak (Tigar Cikatić CRO)                                        3 p
  2. Zoran Zajacic (MTG Vojvodina SER)                                         1 p
  3. Rok Strucl ( Scorpion gym SLO)                                                 1 p



Gym rankings for 2nd MTL season :                            Points:

1. KTB Ptuj (Slovenia)                                                        13,5
1. Nak muay Ivancna gorica (Slovenia)                      13,5
3. Spartan Gym (Croatia)                                                   8,5
4. Lana gym (Czech Republic)                                           8
5. Mtg No fear (Slovenia)                                                    6,5
5. MTG Crnomelj (Slovenia)                                              6,5
7. Scorpion gym (Slovenia)                                                 6
8. Tigar Cikatic(Croatia)                                                     5
9. Khun Kao (Slovenia)                                                         4,5
10. Raczadam (Poland)                                                            4
10. Catapult (Croatia)                                                              4
10.. MTG (Hungary)                                                                  4
13. MTG Vojvodina (Serbia)                                               3
13. Adriatic (Croatia)                                                             3
15. Thai bombs (Germany)                                                 2
15. Horun gym (Slovakia)                                                        2
15. Golden gym Bratislava (Slovakia)                                 2
15 . Smauray gym (Croatia)                                                  2


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