Muaythai Goes Mainstream: WMC Muaythai Warriors TONIGHT on Star Sports


Muaythai has gone truly global in recent years, with events held regularly in over 100 countries world-wide – but many Muaythai fans don’t have the chance to visit arenas around the world. Therefore Fox Sports has once again signed a two year agreement to take Muaythai into their regularly scheduled sports programming. Every week, viewers will have the chance to witness events from around the globe and to see the best of the best competing for honour, fame and glory.

All events are sanctioned by the sport’s world governing body, the World Muaythai Council and will be part of the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur’s campaign to take Muaythai to the highest level in world sport.

The series opener will see four of the best fighters in the middle-weight division, fighting for the Royal Trophy graciously donated by HM the King of Thailand, in a star-studded event attended by celebrities and some big names in the world of sports.

The host channel will be Star Sports, but check out the ESPN Star Sports and Fox Sports program guide to stay up to date weekly.

The preview will be posted in two hours, so come back to check it out!

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