#MuaythaiConnects Goes 2.0

IFMA has been praised by the world’s sporting community because it has turned crisis into opportunity during these times of the pandemic where many athletes have been deprived of being part of their normal training routines, competitions, socializing with friends and staying fit and healthy.

The #MuaythaiConnects campaign was been established to promote physical and healthy activities, social engagement and continue to promote Muaythai without borders, discrimination and for all abilities. Some of the videos reached over 1 million viewers on social media showcasing not only sporting but also cultural exchange.

The IFMA Virtual World Championships had over 30,000 participants and IFMA has already began planning for the 2021 edition. To keep everyone healthy and active and staying positive, an offseason contest has started for youth, seniors and masters to showcase their skills on the traditional Wai Kru, display of the 8 limbs through Padwork and Shadow Boxing and also to share positive messages of hope and solidarity during these difficult times.

Come and follow the athletes into the next round of #MuaythaiConnects2.0 and feel free to comment on all the videos and encourage the hard work our athletes who have put so much time and effort into their submissions.  

Our judges will decide who will make it into the quarter and semifinals.

Let us all stay positive and united in solidarity as we are always #StrongerTogether.

We Are Muaythai.

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