One Europe One Muaythai

The beautiful city of Antalya was the host of the 2011 EMF/IFMA European Championships. Over 400 athletes, officials, representing 28 qualified countries took part in the historical event organised by the Turkish Muaythai Federation in cooperation with the Turkish Government and the City of Antalya.

The opening ceremony was a cultural festival supervised by the City of Antalya with the Turkish National Ensemble, a fireworks display and a summary of 1000 years of proud Turkish History.

The Athletes and VIPs are staying in the 5 star Sera Club Hotel, beachside… the perfect place to be part of such a competition.

The event was opened by the Mayor of The City of Antalya, The President of the Turkish MUAYTHAI federation and the President of IFMA.

 Let the games begin! And with events like this, muaythai is another step closer to IOC recognition!

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