Philippines Muaythai Cares

The Muaythai Association of the Philippines (MAP) under the leadership of General Lucas Managuelod, IFMA Executive Board Member, cares about their members and the community. The Muaythai Association of the Philippines (MAP), fully recognised by the NOC and Philippine Sports Commission, ensured that all members got government support during this crisis but also that their members went out to fully support the community.

In response to the government’s effort in extending financial support to daily wage earners, vulnerable sectors or individuals receiving wage cuts, the Muaythai Association of the Philippines has provided Php5,000 pesos supplemental allowance to all national athletes and coaches for the month of April. The Philippine Sports Commission has decided to send all national delegates back home in March as a preventive measure on the outbreak of CoVid-19 in the country. A national lockdown has also been implemented which further affected our team in finding side jobs to supplement their incomes. The association pledges to continue its financial assistance to the national team for as long as needed through realignment of its budget for cancelled 2020 local and national events.

Muaythai Athletes/Coaches are working as frontliners. SEA Games silver medalist Islay Erika Bomogao donated her monthly allowance from the Philippine Sports Commission of Php10,000 to relief efforts in her hometown in Benguet. SEA Games silver medalist Jenelyn Olsim cooks meals to feed frontliners. Frontliners in the military:

SEA Games gold medalist S2DP Phillip Delarmino PN (Philippine Navy)

SEA Games gold medalist AW1C Irendin Lepatan RAF (Philippine Air Force)

FN2 James Daquil PN (Philippine Navy)

Coach AW2C Precious Ocaya-Delarmino PAF (Philippine Air Force)

Coach PO3 Roland Claro PCG (Philippine Coast Guard)

At the onset of the CoVid-19 pandemic in February, the whole team pooled more than Php40,000 worth of masks, alcohol pads, alcohol and hand sanitisers that were sent to our Muaythai friends in Macau and Hong Kong. Ms. Anita Thongchai of HKMF and Ms. Vera Chan of MMF received them and they were distributed to hospitals and for personal use.

Pre-recorded instructors and coaches training videos are uploaded online every Monday as part of the continuous efforts in the grassroots program. Online assessments through videos and written tasks are used as grading criteria for accreditation.

In line with IFMA’s initiative #IFMAConnects, MAP also uploads workout videos every Wednesday to keep the motivation going for all Muaythai practitioners while practicing social distancing.

As part of the grassroots program, the Community of Practice will be an online sharing of best practices, skills, knowledge, ideas, observations and feedbacks within the Muaythai community. Using Zoom to accommodate as many participants as possible, it aims to foster solidarity, empowerment and growth through reflection and capacity-building. Community of Practice is an informal approach wherein everyone is surrounded by individuals who share the same passion and experiences, and who can provide practical solutions and insights into what they are going through. This is scheduled every Friday at 3pm.

To keep the motivation going, MAP is also launching the Muaythai Virtual Challenge with the following events:

Waikru open category (male and female)

Shadow Boxing open category (male and female)

Technical guidelines will be patterned after IFMA.

MAP is providing club and gym members standard protocols and policies from when the lockdown is lifted. This is to ensure the safety and health of the Muaythai community during practice as well as protecting the survival of local gyms. They are also preparing to shift to a new normal in conducting training sessions.

Livelihood projects will be provided to the national team to augment their loss of income.

MAP is working in line with the Philippine Sports Commission in providing mental health support to the national team. Online sessions are available for those who are struggling with the current situation and need the assistance of experts. MAP Secretary General, Ms. Pearl Managuelod, who has her Masters in Applied Sport Psychology has offered her service since March for online mental health support.

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