Press Conference: IFMA World Championships 2023

Central World Bangkok, the same venue which hosted SportAccord 2018, will be the venue for the IFMA World Championships 2023 utilizing the convention center inside the venue for the competition and the outside promenade for a muaythai festival. Over 100 countries, athletes, officials, executives and VIPs will travel to Bangkok for this 10-day event which also celebrates the 30 years of history and hard work of IFMA.

Central World was packed for the joint press conference with IFMA, Amateaur Muaythai Association of Thailand, Professional Association of Thailand, Ministry of Tourism and Sport, Sport Authority of Thailand, National Sports Development Fund.

TV personality, Elizabeth Sadler, hosted the event with IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan stating, “This is more than just a competition, it is the journey of 30 years working together towards highest recognition and IFMA proudly has been recognized by the IOC in 2021.” 

Khun Somchart Charoenwacharawit stated, “The entire recognized muaythai community in Thailand must work together to ensure the safety and well being of the athletes and Thailand should be proud of how muaythai has spread to all 5 continents. Congratulations IFMA on your 148 member national federations.”

Dr. Supranee Guptasa, NSDF Fund Manager, stated, “Thailand will continue to support IFMA as the IOC recognized federation promoting as much muaythai as a competition and cultural treasure and the fact that over 3000 people will come for this event clearly outlines the popularity.”

Stephan Fox, IFMA Secretary General, stated, “This event will not end in Bangkok as the winners will qualify for the World Combat Games in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be on the same platform as the Olympic and non-Olympic recognized Combat Sports.”

Ms. Elizabeth Sadler briefed the press and the audience on the many activities during the 10-days with over 15,000 visitors expected at the venue and the festival.

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