Seconds Out Gala Results: Parma, Italy, December 15th &16th


On the 15th and 16th of December, a superb professional and amateur Muaythai gala was held in Parma, Italy. The event was organized by the company that opened Seconds Out, which is prepared to organize even more interesting Muaythai events in 2013.

The ring set-up was supplemented by a special Harley Davidson exhibition, which was a real highlight. The two day event was aired on TV, on the Italian “Sport Emilia” channel in the following days.

Saturday 15th was the opening of the two day show, which began by featuring 6 professional Muaythai fights.

Athletes from the Seconds Out team faced down opponents from northern Italy, in intense matches which satisfied the spectators at the sold-out event.

The first fight had Lapta Mykola winning against Aldo Rocca  in the 77 kg category followed by 5 other winners: Lorenzo Domenichini (85 kg), Daniel Saporito (57 kg), Damiano Pellizzon (70 kg), Andrea Arduini (63.5 kg) and Alessio Arduini (67 kg).

Saturday night blew everyone’s mind but Sunday 16th had as much to offer, with forty other professional and amateur fights.

This great event showcased the spirit of Muaythai which is being spread by the FIMT and the team from Seconds Out Parma.

Seconds Out Centre

Teaser of the event here:


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