Siam 2 Sydney is Back

Siam 2 Sydney is back on Sunday the 12th of December with another whopper of a show which will not fail to disappoint. The show has marched through the face of adversity during the pandemic with many barriers being placed in front of the show due to everchanging rules and restrictions. But Siam 2 Syndey is back picking where it left off with a full international fight card featuring Australia’s best going up against Thailand and Korea.

The main fight of the evening is a cracker of a fight between Yolanda Schmidt and Diandra Martin which is a fight everyone has been talking about for some time. Also, Kim Dongwhan will face Cruz Briggs which is another epic fight and Tuck will face off against Michael Zalenski.

Siam 2 Sydney promoter Andrew Parnham who is also the WMC representative for Muaythai Australia stated that we are living in crazy times but we must keep doing what we do. The Australian muaythai scene continues to grow and it is shows like these that give our fighters the chance to showcase their skills to the whole world so it is important that these platforms are upheld.

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