Thank you to Rafal Szlachta

Rafal Szlachta is someone who needs no introduction in the world of muaythai and sport. As Vice President of IFMA and President of the Polish Tourism Organisation, Rafal has been instrumental in the development of muaythai at the national, continental and world level.

Rafal was one of the pioneers of muaythai in Poland, starting with a small gym then traveling to every corner of the country to promote muaythai. He brought the first Thai masters, the late Amnat Pooksrisuk and his Excellency the Privy Councillor of the late King Rama the 9, General Pichitr Kullavanijaya and so many through Poland to create awareness, establishing the national Polish Federation and the first Polish muaythai championships. He was instrumental in the development of the European Muaythai Federation, long time serving General Secretary and today serving as IFMA’s Vice President. 

Rafal has done amazing things for Poland, getting muaythai fully recognised by the National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry, organising the European Championships with the final having over 10,000 spectators. He played an instrumental role in achieving muaythai’s inclusion into the official sport programmes of The World Games and European Olympic Games.

After having served as President of the Polish Muaythai Federation for a successful two terms, he has graciously and in good governance passed the leadership torch of the PMF on to the next generation. He has accepted the position of Honorary President and certainly will continue to represent Poland in the world federation as IFMA’s Vice President.

We must thank you Rafal, for all the work you have done for the athletes and for your part in muaythai.

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