The Challenger Muaythai Champion Emerges as Thailand’s own MADSUA!!!

Produced by the Imagine Group and The Group Entertainment, under sanctioning of the World Muaythai Council (WMC), the world’s governing body for the sport of muaythai, the reality competition series that was set and shot in Malaysia came to a climactic conclusion last night with the 2-hour finale fight night on AXN.

The final episode was filled with spectacular fights and an electrifying atmosphere from the Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

First super fight of the evening was between Marco ‘The Sniper’ Pique and Mostafa ‘Persian Mos’ Abdollahi. This fight had the crowd going mental as both fighters gave it their all to the bitter end. After 5 rounds of gruelling strikes and counter strikes, the judges scored the bout giving Persian Mos the win. A great performance by both fighters who most unquestionably gave viewers one of the most entertaining fights of the evening!!

Next up was a fight that brought the volume of the spectators in the stadium to an all-time maximum decibel level, as it was the fight to feature Malaysia’s own Faisal ‘Golden Elbow’ Ramli against England’s Jason ‘the handsome hero’ Woodham. It was clear from the get go that Jason was not only fighting Faisal but the entire stadium which undoubtedly were behind the home boy in full force. Bouncing off the crowd’s energy, Faial attacked the legs of the handsome hero with a barrage of devastatingly loud and vicious leg kicks that finally brought his opponent down in the 4th round, unable to get up. The win went to Faisal by TKO to the thunderous cheers of the home crowd.

Next up was the fight to end the 16 week journey of the final 2 Challengers, Jordan Watson from UK versus Madsua from the motherland of the sport, Thailand.

Each fighter took his time, cautiously calculating their next move, careful not to make a mistake. Needless to say it was clear that the stakes were especially high with 100,000 USD riding on whose hand would be raised by WMC referee Elias Dolapstis in the end.

Jordan showed just why they call him the British Bull dog with his fierce and solid attacks, landing many take downs on his opponent in the first few rounds. Madsua gave it back taking the bull dog into the clinch whenever he could in the final rounds, throwing him to the mat. By round 4 a vicious elbow from Madsua sliced the forehead of Jordan Watson wide open with a cut (Jordan later joked that he looked like Harry Potter after the fights!!).  The final round was action packed and went to the judges’ score cards with all 3 judges scoring in favour of Thailand’s Madsua.

Madsua, following in the footsteps of his fellow Thai brethren Yodsaenklai who took the Contender Asia championship, proudly wore the coveted Challenger Muaythai Belt and was presented the cash check for a whopping $100,000 USD!!! WMC Vice President Stephan Fox also presented him with a WMC Championship Belt.

Another great promotion for muaythai!!


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