The Youth are Our Future

The World Muaythai Council and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur  have been involved in two charity projects since their inauguration. “Muaythai Against Drugs” is established in over 50 countries and promotes awareness of the dangers of drugs and the fostering of positive influences in the lives of youth today.

In cooperation with Peace and Sport another important project has been instituted to help guide youth to healthier and safer life choices, “Sport Is Your Gang”. This project aims to take youth from troubled backgrounds and provide them with a sense of belonging in the family of sport, away from gang affiliation.

Over the last six months, the project has kicked off. In Thailand over 10,000 children have participated in the program and a special gala event was held with great performances by these intriguing youth. Using the traditional values of Muaythai and teaching the youth Muaythai as a cultural art form and not as a competitive sport is proving to be successful.

“Sport Is Your Gang” will be implemented around the world with many champions taking part. Using their own life experiences and Muaythai skills to become ambassadors of the campaign will allow them to connect with the youth and give them some real life examples of how sport has positively affected their lives.

This campaign has already received praise from the international community and other sports. There are now discussions about having other sports joining hands to continue the growth and expansion of these wonderful youth programs worldwide.


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