There Are No Losers in Muaythai: Three Champions United

The Emmy-nominated reality show, Challenger Muaythai, has been one of the most watched reality shows around the globe. The event showed all the aspects of Muaythai; the tradition, the values, and the cultural aspects. It showed the sacrifices, dreams and hopes of outstanding athletes from 5 continents and that there are no borders or social differences; we drink the same water and we must show as much grace in defeat as in victory.


Three of the superstars, the challenger winner, Mardsua from Thailand, the finalist, Jordan Watson from England and the semi-finalist Mustafa Abdollahi (Mosi) from Iran have become close friends, showing the real foundation of Muaythai, that the friendship starts immediately again after the last punch and the only way we look down on our opponents is if we help them back up on their feet. Today, all these three champions work at the same gym in Hong Kong, giving their united experience to new generations regardless if they practice Muaythai for fitness or competition.

The foundations of Muaythai are built of 5 important pillars, respect, honour, excellence, fair play and tradition, and there is no doubt that these three outstanding athletes are true ambassadors for Muaythai and all we stand for.




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