Vakhitov vs Hancharonak History in the Making

Two of the most decorated Muaythai fighters will face off at the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters. Both of them will be fighting for bragging rights and the pride of their countries.

Hancharonak, a multiple IFMA World Champion and winner of the 2010 World Combat Games, will square-off against the Russian superstar Vakhitov, who took that title away from him at the 2013 World Combat Games in St. Petersburg. Hancharonak  said that this was the hardest loss in his life, as the World Combat Games, which  are under the patronage of the IOC, was the highest event in his calibre, but now the chance has come as the most important event in the   professional  2014 Muaythai event calendar, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters, will give him a chance to win the belt of all belts, the WMC World Title belt.

Vakhitov which has become the Muaythai superstar in Russia and around the world said that fighting at the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters in front of HSH Prince Albert II , and so many VIPs on a fight card with so many superstars has given him extra dedication, and he has trained to be there at his absolute peak. Hancharonak is a true opponent, a true champion, and I’m looking forward and counting down the days when two ring masters will meet and the belt will be strapped around the my waist.

WMC Vice President and IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox, stated that he has seen these two warriors coming up through the ranks for many years, winning respective titles in different divisions and now, they have grown into the heavyweight division, where there can be only one on top. This fight is more than just a fight. There is so much pride and honour on the line and it will set the stadium on fire.

Claude Pouget  the promoter of the event said that it was not an easy fight to get and is truly honoured that Mon got it and it will be one of the seven world title fights on the most talked about Muaythai promotion in the world.


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