WMC and IFMA Muaythai Day Celebrations


February 6th marks an auspicious day in the Muaythai calendar as Muaythai day where practitioners of the sport around the globe pay homage to King Somdej Phra Sanpher the 8th, better known as Phra Chao Sua, or the Tiger King. The Tiger King is renowned for his skills in martial arts, rising to the throne on February 6th, 1702.


In celebration of the IOC recognition and also the cooperation of IFMA as a member of the recognised Olympic world and the World Muaythai Council under Royal Patronage in cooperation with the Royal Thai government a 2 day celebration has being organised. The 6th of February will see the official Wai Khru ceremony in the morning where all the recognised leading master (Ajarns) will come together to pay homage to muaythai and the forefathers and sisters.

WMC President General Chetta Thanajaro stated that the sport goes back a thousand years in time when muaythai was the ancient art of the battlefields securing the freedom of a proud country which evolved into a modern Thailand, today the land of the free.


IFMA President Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that all the leaders in the sport will be remembered to lead by an example and be an example to the youth on the 5 pillars of the sport namely, respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence.


IFMA Director Charissa Tynan stated that these celebrations are more than just symbolic for IFMA, over years alliances have been formed with UNESCO, UN Women, Peace and Sport, Generations for Peace and others as giving back and using the power of sport to create a positive change and to build a better tomorrow is the foundation we stand on and pass on.


In the afternoon there will be celebrations for outstanding contributions in the sport and art and athletes, coaches and officials will be honoured by the Sport Minister of Thailand. Many Executive Board members will be present to honour the athletes and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox who is also GAISF Vice-President and AIMS President will be one of the presenters.


The second day is entirely dedicated to the athletes with an international event with 3 Super 4 tournaments in different divisions as well as a full undercard and one World title fight and in true spirit of muaythai, respect all, fear none is the motto of the event.

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