WMC Pioneers Working Overtime for National Labour Day

On Saturday 30th April the Tourism Association of Thailand in cooperation with the Tourism Association of Koh Samui will be hosting a special muaythai gala in honour and celebration of labour day. Thailand’s prestigious muaythai event ‘Thai fight’ will be the biggest muaythai show to be held on the island to date and is getting both locals and tourists excited.

Featuring on the show will be an array of WMC’s finest Muay Thai warriors including 3 times WMC World Champion, and winner of Contender Asia, Yodsaenklai, 2 times WMC World Champion, Saiyoknoi, 4 times WMC World Champion Sanchai, and semi-finalist of the emmy-nominated reality show ‘Challenger’ Antoine Pinto. As well as a host of up and coming exciting names such as Nicholas Carter (Jitti gym) and Craig Dickson (Sumalee Boxing gym) who are both returning to the show.

This event will be free of charge so spectators are advised to get there early if hoping to get a seat. The event will take place at Chaweng lake with doors opening at 15:00. From 17:30 till 20:00 the event will be broadcasted live on Chanel 3. This event continues to promote muaythai not only as a sport but as an important part of Thai culture and heritage and all at WMC are eagerly awaiting to see the fights!



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