FIFA and IFMA are spearheading the global initiative of safeguarding children in sports

IFMA has implemented a robust safeguarding policy that places the safety of participating youth front and center and ensures their protection from all forms of harm and abuse.

The policy extends to any IFMA-sanctioned events and all stakeholders, including but not limited to coaches, officials, or medical personnel. There is also a proper framework designed to promote awareness and combat child trafficking in Muaythai.

IFMA’s athlete-centered philosophy is evident in its code of ethics, constitution, and partnerships with organisations that protect and promote children’s rights. Member federations and their stakeholders understand the importance of this advocacy and are obligated to adopt the same policy in their home countries.

Over the last 12 months, IFMA has worked closely with Mission 89 and Good Corporation in creating a framework of best practices in anti-child trafficking from FIFA, UNICEF, and StreetFootballWorld. This framework recognizes the IF’s responsibility to safeguard the youth from abuse and discrimination regarding race, ability, sexual orientation, or otherwise. IFMA remains committed to the highest standards and practices in the protection of our youth.

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