History will be made in Kuwait

History will be made this weekend in Kuwait as the first national federation will be conducting the new online IFMA educational programme. IFMA has worked over the last year to remodel their education programme and have stepped up efforts during the pandemic not as a temporary solution but as a positive opportunity to move forward and evolve.

The online education conference will incorporate IFMA’s belief to promote and protect the ancient values and traditions of muaythai as a cultural art form and also incorporate important topics from IFMA’s fairplay, non-discrimination and inclusivity policies as an IOC recognised organisation and sport.

Kuwait is the Headquarters of the Olympic Council of Asia, the Kuwait Muaythai Committee is fully recognised and supported by the National Olympic Committee of Kuwait.

This weekend will see IFMA President Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan lecturing on muaythai as a cultural artform. IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox will conduct a workshop on roles and responsibilities for IFMA coaches within the Olympic family. Azadeh Kamyabi the IFMA anti-doping administrator will conduct a workshop on IFMA’s zero-tolerance policy in the fight against doping. IFMA chair of the athletes commission Janice Lyn will lecture on the rights and responsibilities of athletes and the importance of nutrition in sport. Ajarn Doctor Chao who holds a doctorate in muaythai will be assisted by Khru Arit who holds an A licence from the Sports Authority of Thailand and will take the participants to the advanced Khan levels.

IFMA President Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that the Kuwait Muaythai committee over the last few years has developed into a strong organised national federation under the national Olympic Committee of Kuwait and this seminar will bring together the leading instructors of Kuwait and contribute to the further development of Kuwait Muaythai under the hardworking leadership of Committee President Dr Hisham Al Jaser and Committee General Secretary Ali Al Fodri. 

A special thank you must go to IFMA education member Muhammad Amr for his support towards this important event.

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