IFMA Virtual Championships 2020: Max Fit

Strength and conditioning make the base of any sport and muaythai is no exception. It makes a difference between a winner and runner up in the last rounds of the competition. 

IFMA Virtual Championships will feature the Max Fit competition among four to let athletes and muaythai enthusiasts put their strength, power and stamina to a test and be named the first IFMA Virtual World Champion.

This competition will focus on contestants’ strength, power and stamina.

This will be competed live in a virtual arena and scored by 2-3 Judges.

Participants will be drawn into a bracket, and will be given their assigned competition time slot and provided with a link to enter the virtual competition arena where the judges will be in attendance.

Winners will advance to the next round on the bracket and will be provided with a new link and competition time slot.

It shall be competed over 3 rounds, with each round requiring contestants to complete as many of a designated exercise/drill within the allotted time per round.

Contestants will be scored on the number of reps they can complete, as well as the quality and control demonstrated while performing the reps.

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