Miriam Nakamoto, WMC Female World Champion

Miriam needs no introduction to the fighting world. She is undoubtedly America’s most famous female Muaythai export.  She was one of the best-liked girls in the reality TV show Fight Girls, where her pleasant personality, athletic approach and life experience won the hearts of male and female viewers alike.

In 2009, she won the IFMA World Championship and was voted the best female athlete of the event. From there on, she has fought well and won many title belts. In April 2012, she crowned her achievements with the belt of all belts, the WMC Female World 61 kg title, to become the first American, male or female, to win both the IFMA World Championship and the WMC World title.

Miriam has defeated the world’s best, Julie Kitchen from England, Sandra Bastian from Canada, Chantal Ughi from Italy, Claire Haigh from Luxembourg, Australia’s Angie Parr, and so many more.

Many girls are eager for the chance to re-challenge Miriam, such as Claire Haigh, who has just won the WMC interim title for the right to re-challenge Miriam for the WMC World title belt.

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  1. Kwazi says:

    Would like to see her fight Valintina Shevchenko..

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