Technical Tuesday: Salab Fan Pla Strategy

salab-fan-plaToday’s technique is a defensive technique called the “Salab Fan Pla,” or Cross-switch. This is a series of fundamental movements to defend and avoid the straight punch from the opponent by stepping aside to make him miss. Although a lot of these moves and techniques are quite basic, it’s good to break them down and really understand the spirit of Muaythai and what goes into the isolation of each move and step.

As your opponent steps in to strike you with a left punch,  this is when the Salab Fan Pla becomes handy as you would take a right step forward and to the side all the while shifting your weight to your right foot and bending your right knee. This will allow you to parry the punch and step away from your opponents attacking range in order to eventually counter-attack and come back with your combination.

Muay Thai - Punch block

If your opponent approaches with a left knee, you would then have to defend with the opposite side of your body. Practice on both left and right sides until your body moves instinctively, skillfully and fast. This cross-switch movement is one of Muaythai’s basic skills.

“I fear not the man who practiced ten thousand kicks once. But I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times.” – Bruce Lee


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