Muaythai Mania taking over Hungary

The popularity of Muaythai in Hungary is growing rapidly. The promoters of “Muaythai Mania,” who run full muaythai rules event around Hungary, have been working on becoming a part of the bigger international Muaythai community and family. After succesful negotiations earlier this year, their upcoming shows will be sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council.

The first event will be held this coming weekend on the 25th October 2014, in Szentendre, near the Hungarian capital. The concept of the next gala is to team up fighters from Budapest and its surrounding areas against fighters from the city of Debrecen (the “capital” of Eastern Hungary). We all look forward to this great event that is only the beginning of a new era in Hungarian muaythai.


Szentendre – 2014.10.25

Event start time: 19:00 CET

Debrecen (Red corner) vs. Budapest (Blue corner)

  1. Horváth L. Tamás (Taskó Fight Debrecen) vs Ambrus Krisztián (Ali Boksz Club) 69,85 kg
  2. Varga Gyula (Taskó Fight Debrecen) vs. Dobos Mátyás (Tong Thai Gym) 69,85 kg
  3. Kovács Krisztián (Taskó Fight Debrecen) vs. Bereczki Dominik (Perfect Fight) 72,58 kg
  4. Majzik Norbert (Majzik Team) vs. Kissfalvi Milán (Szentendre VSE) 79,38 kg
  5. Berényi Roland (Taskó Fight Debrecen) vs. Sebők Máté (White Brutal Warrior) 69,85
  6. Kiss Sámuel (Taskó Fight Debrecen) vs. Albrecht Péter (Szentendre VSE) 66,68 kg

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