WMC Super 4 Tournament this Saturday

The more the hourglass empties the more excitement grows for another top international WMC Muaythai event which will be held on December 17, 2022 at 20:00, at the Peristeri Olympic Center. The event will run parallel to the 2022 Federation Panhellenic Cup, which will be held on the same day in the morning hours and with the finals of the categories being completed on Sunday.

The evening’s “menu” includes great battles, including five international matches!

The main course is the claim for the WMC “SUPER 4” title which recently arrived from Thailand and will be contested by the Spanish JOSE MARIA QUEVEDO TAPIA, the Italian ANGELO BERNARDONI, the Cypriot CHRISTOS EUGENIOU and the great Greek champion, DIM ASIMAKOPOULOS who is a member of the National Team of Greece with three bronze Pan-European medals and recent participation in the summer of 2022 at The World Games, in Alabama, USA.

The main card will also include two international bouts with Peter Sachos from Greece facing Spaniard Madou Ba Ba and Dimitra Agathagelidou from Greece going head-to-head with Claudia Perona from Spain in a much anticipated female bout.

The event will be presented by world-famous host and judge British Grant Waterman.

Be sure not to miss out on this world-class event!

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