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Buakaw Teaches Thai Special Forces

March 18th, 2021

Thai Superstar Buakaw lent a hand to Thai Special forces this week as he went to teach hand to hand combat to soldiers outside their elite army barracks. Buakaw, a 3 time WMC world champion who holds the rank of Lieutenant in the Thai army took the soldiers through essential attack and defence techniques vital for hand to hand combat in real life situations. Aside from the physical aspect Buakaw spoke in length about ...

The legacy of Nai Khanom Tom

March 17th, 2021

A  martial art and combat sport  as old as Muaythai has many legends. Even its beginnings are lost in the mist of myths. Most of its legends are, however, historically based on truth. All illustrate the pride and importance that the Thai people always had for the sport and how Muaythai secured the freedom of the ancient Siam to the modern Thailand of today. In yesteryear, elephants crossed the border from Burma to Siam carrying the ...

Siam 2 Sydney is Back!

March 16th, 2021

Saturday the 20th March is an exciting date for the calendar for Sydneysiders as Siam 2 Sydney returns to the Marsend High School for an evening of muaythai action. The muaythai world has had a turbulent year with regards to sporting event regulations due to the Covid 19 pandemic but Siam 2 Sydney is back with vengeance. The show which is sanctioned by the WMC has an absolutely stacked card with one WMC ...

FIFA and IFMA are spearheading the global initiative of safeguarding children in sports

March 15th, 2021

IFMA has implemented a robust safeguarding policy that places the safety of participating youth front and center and ensures their protection from all forms of harm and abuse. The policy extends to any IFMA-sanctioned events and all stakeholders, including but not limited to coaches, officials, or medical personnel. There is also a proper framework designed to promote awareness and combat child trafficking in Muaythai. IFMA’s athlete-centered philosophy is evident in its code of ethics, constitution, and partnerships ...

Hammer Cares

March 15th, 2021

Mark Castagnini needs no introduction in the world of combat sports and muaythai and has been involved in martial arts all of his life. A former Australian champion, he has contributed to the development of martial arts and muaythai in Australia enormously. Mark is not only a martial artist, he has been promoting martial arts and muaythai through magazines, television and podcasts as well as being one of the most well recognised voices in muaythai as ...

Bach re-elected International Olympic Committee President

March 12th, 2021

Thomas Bach has been re-elected President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after receiving near-unanimous backing from the Session to serve a final four-year term. Bach, the only candidate on the ballot box, earned 93 votes during the IOC’s second virtual Session yesterday. There was one vote against and four abstentions. The German lawyer, the ninth IOC President who was elevated to the top job in the Olympic Movement in 2013, is set to serve in the role ...

Two WMC National Titles on the Line

March 11th, 2021

Saturday 13th of March will see the return of Elite Fight Series this time gracing the city of Cairns, Australia. The show is hosting 2 x Pro WMC belts with a title defence from James Honey (Strikeforce Gym-Gold Coast) against the challenger Matthew Smith (Nukzu Muay Thai-Cairns) at 72.58 kg in a much anticipated rematch after James won the title 12 months ago. Additionally, Ryan mcdonald (Destination Fitness-Cairns) will face Taniera Terry (Strikeforce Gym-Gold Coast) for ...

Muaythai Back in Full Effect in Thailand

March 10th, 2021

It has been a turbulent few months for muaythai after Thailand experienced an outbreak of Covid 19 resulting in the stepping up of restrictions for many live sporting events. Now with a slow decline of the number of daily cases being reported muaythai is officially back in the motherland. This coming week the kingdom will be blessed with an abundance of shows bringing smiles to the many fans around the country with many of the main stadiums in Thailand ...

IFMA Vice President Meets with European Olympic Committees Delegation

March 10th, 2021

A meeting of officials from the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT), a European Olympic Committees delegation, and the board of the Polish Olympic Committee took place on 6 March at the POT headquarters. The talks focused on promoting Poland as part of the organisation of the Kraków-Małopolska 2023 Third European Games. The aim of the meeting was to intensify cooperation between tourism and sports at the international level and to work out a concept for promoting Poland ...

Clash of Muaythai State Champions: A Massive Success

March 9th, 2021

Sunday the 7th of March in the beautiful city of Hyderabad, India saw an evening of muaythai action entitled Clash of Muaythai State Champions. The show which is sanctioned by UMAI and supported by IFMA and the WMC was hosted by Naresh Srya Classic Promotions and featured 6 professional muaythai bouts in the Hitex Exhibition Centre. The main event of the evening saw Asim Dayani go head to head with Shubh Padaya in what was ...

Muaythai Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2021

March 8th celebrates the historical, cultural and political achievements of women. IWD has been celebrated for well over a century. For IFMA, every day is Women’s Day as equality is not just a phrase, but this day gives IFMA the opportunity to recall the efforts made over the last 3 Centuries and to continue to develop both on and off the field of play. IFMA reflects and continues to drive lasting change to advance Gender Equality from ...

Mauritius Muaythai Federation Prepares for National Women’s Day

March 4th, 2021

The Pointe Aux Cannonniers Muaythai Sport Club under the aegis of the Mauritius Muaythai Federation hosted a national seminar for women over the weekend. The seminar was held in preparation for the upcoming National Women's Day and was attended by all ages from all four corners of the island. Spirits were high during the seminar which was held with a focus on the sharing of respect and culture. The Seminar was conducted by Kru Jonathan Boom ...

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