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December 6th, 2021

Athletes from 91 countries proudly marched in the national stadium of Bangkok, Thailand for the opening ceremony of the IFMA World Championships 2021. A standing ovation was given to the first 2 teams the IFMA Refugee Team, Team Afghanistan and certainly Team Thailand. IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan praised the IFMA community for their resilience during these challenging times and that Thailand is proud to have been given the rights to host the 2021 World Championships ...


December 5th, 2021

Today marks Father’s Day in the kingdom of Thailand celebrating his late Majesty King Rama the 9th and in respect to the motherland of the sport Thailand. The IFMA world championship opening ceremony will be held on the event of December 5th where 90 countries have made their way to Thailand. The opening ceremony will be a festival of cultural exchange and understanding from the past to the present and IFMA’s wish towards the future. The opening ceremony will ...

Teams Heading to the Motherland for the IFMA 2021 World Championships

December 3rd, 2021

Teams from around the world are checking into airports to board their flights to Bangkok and some have already touched down in the Motherland for the 2021 IFMA World Championships. Team UAE had a huge send off at the Abu Dhabi Airport and the Director of UAE Muaythai and IFMA Executive Board Member Tareq Al Muhairi, stated that Team UAE with 33 people are ready to face the best athletes of the world especially as the host ...

One Standard Muaythai Seminar in Bangkok Begins in 4 days

December 2nd, 2021

Only 3 days until the opening of the IFMA World Championships 2021 and we are proud for the first time to be a fully IOC recognised organisation. We are also launching the One Standard Muaythai programme and offering a three-day course on advanced Muay Boran, Krabi Krabong, Wai Khru and Muaythai. We are very fortunate to have Ajarn Chao, Chair of the IFMA Cultural and Heritage Commission and Khru Saifon, one of the highest decorated Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong masters leading the classes. The event ...

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